Vacancy – IoT architect / project lead

In Ovo is a young spin off company from Leiden University. Our goal: make a positive impact on the poultry industry by improving the welfare of billions of chickens and at the same time the earnings of thousands of farmers around the world. Our small team has a background in biology, biomedical sciences, biotechnology and engineering and wants to use that to do good. We are currently working on three very interesting and promising projects. One of which is the development of an IoT solution to improve the breeding process for billions of chickens each year. With clever utilization of sensors it becomes possible to analyse these processes in great detail, adjust them to create optimal conditions and to hatch healthier chickens.

To help us achieve these goals, we are expanding our team with someone with a solid background in IoT and project management. As the In Ovo IoT architect, you will be in charge of your own team, who will work on the development of our sensor platform. The goal: laying out the groundwork for a commercial product and a new, separate company. We are looking for someone who likes a challenge, dares to take the lead and who isn’t afraid to develop/build parts himself/herself. Additionally, we like to collaborate with people who share our values and are drive to do good.


  • You have several years of experience with setting up and maintaining IoT solutions and you have up to date knowledge on the most frequently used platforms and techniques
  • You have a strong background in building IoT related hardware and/or software
  • You are a likeable person, with good communication skills and a talent for project management
  • You have an entrepreneurial mindset, can easily manage a team and lead by example
  • You enjoy working in the fast-changing environment of a startup company
  • You speak (and read+write) Dutch and English fluently

In six months time you and your team will prove that the solution we are developing will lead to serious improvement in the poultry industry. We intend for this project to become stand-alone, a new business entity belonging to the In Ovo family. Your role in making this happen is crucial. You are the ‘product owner’, but very much hands on and co-developing.

For the first six months we offer:

  • A 0.5 fte position (six month contract)
  • The option to (partly) set up your own team
  • A chance to remain with the project after the first six months in case of success and further develop the project into a business
  • A goal oriented environment in which you have the freedom to plan your own hours
  • The option to contribute to an eggciting innovation that potentially has a global impact on billions of lives in the poultry industry
  • An introduction into the poultry industry

Does this description fit you? Please apply as soon as possible by emailing your resume and a motivation letter to before 31 August 2018. Do you questions? Don’t hesitate to email or call us on +31 71 332 2876.

This project is co-funded by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union and Stichting Fonds voor Pluimveebelangen.

Application by agency or recruiters is not appreciated and will be rejected.