European Parliament hemicycle - Photo: Robyn Mack / CC BY 2.0

In Ovo among EU Top 50 innovative start-ups!

This year’s European Innovation Summit features a brand new event on Tuesday 28 November: the EU Top 50 Millennial Start-up Competition. For the past few months, Europe’s most promising millennial seed-stage founders where recruited. Their companies are leveraging technology to build scalable solutions and address Europe‚Äôs most pressing challenges. We […]

In Ovo participating in symposium Wageningen

In de huidige praktijk worden mannelijke kuikens van legrassen gedood na uitkomen. In Nederland betreft dat circa 45 miljoen kuikens per jaar. Dit symposium bespreekt een aantal potentiele alternatieven voor de huidige praktijk. Het symposium zal plaatsvinden aansluitend aan de verdediging van het proefschrift van Muhammad Aamir Aslam: “Offspring sex […]

Wouter Bruins at TEDxHaarlem

Don’t kill the chicks

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Worldwide, every year, the poultry industry kills 3.2 billion chicks right after hatching; as they are male they will never produce eggs and are thus useless for the industry. Biologist Wouter Bruins set up a […]