European Parliament hemicycle - Photo: Robyn Mack / CC BY 2.0

In Ovo among EU Top 50 innovative start-ups!

This year’s European Innovation Summit features a brand new event on Tuesday 28 November: the EU Top 50 Millennial Start-up Competition. For the past few months, Europe’s most promising millennial seed-stage founders where recruited. Their companies are leveraging technology to build scalable solutions and address Europe‚Äôs most pressing challenges. We […]

Wouter Bruins wint mr. K.J. Cath-prijs 2014

Eggspert Wouter wint mr. K.J. Cath-prijs

Vandaag tijdens de opening van het academisch jaar van de Universiteit Leiden werd bekend gemaakt dat eggspert Wouter Bruins winnaar is van de Mr. K.J. Cath-prijs. Deze tweejaarlijkse prijs wordt toegekend aan een medewerker of student die de universiteit in de voorgaande periode positief in beeld heeft gebracht. Wouter heeft zich, […]

Wouter Bruins at TEDxHaarlem

Don’t kill the chicks

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Worldwide, every year, the poultry industry kills 3.2 billion chicks right after hatching; as they are male they will never produce eggs and are thus useless for the industry. Biologist Wouter Bruins set up a […]